CDANY Statement on Calls From Law Enforcement to Delay Critical Criminal Justice Reforms

Thursday, November 21, 2019 10:48 AM | Jennifer Van Ort (Administrator)

The Chief Defenders Association of New York – an organization representing the heads of public defender officers in counties across the state – released the following statement on calls by certain prosecutors and sheriffs to delay justice for New Yorkers by placing a moratorium on new bail, discovery, and speedy trial laws, which are set to take effect on January 1, 2020:

“Earlier this year, New York took a giant leap forward for fairness, public safety, and fiscal responsibility by enacting new bail, discovery, and speedy trial laws. No longer will defendants be starved of critical evidence in their cases, which has fueled wrongful convictions and cost taxpayers millions in civil settlements. No longer will our bail laws allow the wealthy to go free pretrial while people in poverty are jailed for the exact same charges. As defenders, we have been appalled as countless people have been forced to plead guilty, regardless of guilt or innocence, to get out of jail.

It’s unfortunate that, when faced with the choice of doing right by New Yorkers or working to protect their own unfair tactical advantages in court, certain District Attorneys and Sheriffs have chosen the latter. What makes this especially unacceptable is that they are using taxpayer resources to mislead and spread baseless fear in our communities rather than working to implement the new laws that New Yorkers overwhelmingly support.” 

More Information & Full Statement (PDF)

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